Saturday, May 7, 2011

And another thing.........

Summer colors

This is the bracelet that got me started on enamels. I saw an article that was written by Angela Gerhard, an extremely talented enamel artist, a couple of years ago and this bracelet is the result of that article. I've been hooked since then!

Blue spiral set

yellow #2

It didn't work???

The picture of the camper didn't upload. Well that's it for me. It said Error 503???? Whatever that is!


How cool! It worked! Lets try it again.

spring ahead!

Taking Pictures

So the sun is out today, I have a horrible cold but the sun will help!! I am going to get ready and take lots of pictures. I'll post them later today!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring 2011

Welcome to my new blog! I can't promise that I will post very often, but i'll give it a try! Not that I can even imagine that anyone would care what I'm doing!! lol. Mostly what I do everyday is get myself ready to work in my studio. I surf the web for a while to get inspired and then I search for my glasses and phone so I can create! Usually around lunch time i will head downstairs. Then after I turn on the lights, heater, TV, pickle pot, open the blinds, it's time for lunch! So i head back up stairs to make lunch! I usually think about what to work on while i'm eating! I have so many projects in progress, I spend a little time working on them until I get inspired to really do something! I've had this enamel painting kit that belongs to BBAC (Birmingham, Bloomfield Art Center) for months and finally finished the sample chart for my teacher. I experimented on a little camper project with some of the paints. Mike says "now, who would wear that?"
I thought it was kind of cool - summer is coming, and the thought of camping in a cute vintage trailer sounded - well, OK, nevermind! But I could just wear it as a pendant! Here is a couple of pics of what I finished this week.